22 Jan 2018

Pat and Bob Murphy Perform Krugman Parody on the Contra Cruise

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In case it’s not clear, there’s a surprise that occurs while my dad is singing…

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  1. guest says:

    I caught the version of the Krugman Parody you played on your fairly recent solo Contra-Krugman “Bitcoin” episode (which interested me because I think crypto-currencies will make Austrians look bad, unnecessarily, and that they should die [be exposed as a non-money/non-medium of exchange] on my watch lulz but seriously).

    And I’ve got to say that your vocals in that after-episode audio was good enough for Multitrack Youtube videos, which I think you would have fun making.

    You do all the parts yourself, including the intstruments, and you can re-record any part until you’re satisfied.

    Also, I take back my earlier jab that Contra Cruise was “[just] … a cruise” since the way it was described didn’t seem like it was going to be educational enough, or fallacy-destroying enough to warrant the association with “Contra Krugman”, on account of the fact that you [and Tom] have put in so much time and stress-inducing effort into defending liberty and advancing Austrian Economics that being able to unwind on a cruise seems really healthy.

    I hope you’re having a great time on your cruises, and I don’t really care anymore whether or not you’re educating people on them.

    Not that an anonymous commenter’s opinion matters.

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