24 Jan 2018

Contra Krugman Ep. 122: The Varieties of Keynesianism

Contra Krugman 2 Comments

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2 Responses to “Contra Krugman Ep. 122: The Varieties of Keynesianism”

  1. Aaron Malek says:

    I really liked it! It’s great to learn the differences between similar schools of thought. And I thought the question that Tom posed about why there is the tendency of the different Austrian camps to group a certain subset of Mises’s teachings together was very interesting.

  2. Khodge says:

    I’ve generally considered Keynesian economics to be primarily normative and Austrian to be positive. As such, that would suggest that Keynesians are more willing to tinker with the economy. An example would be Mankiw and his Pigouvian taxes.

    Would you be able to address this in a future episode?

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