15 Dec 2017


Potpourri, Shameless Self-Promotion 1 Comment

==> Here’s the white paper on “Intercoin.” One of the people associated with the project explained to me that he is a fan of both the Austrian and MMT schools. I think the idea is to decentralize cryptocurrency transactions, so that all of the exchanges taking place within local communities can be confined to their own ledgers. But if someone in local community A wants to trade with someone from community M then they go through the Intercoin market. If I’ve understood the mechanics, it seems like a (voluntary) Bretton Woods-type system, but with Intercoin taking the place of US dollars and local coins acting as francs, marks, lira, etc.

==> RC Sproul has died.

==> My interview on The Money Advantage podcast.

==> Recently Jeff Deist and I spoke in Orlando about the future of liberty. We both discussed issues of culture, federalism, and secession. Here are his remarks and here are mine.

==> Richard Ebeling on Thanksgiving.

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  1. Giovanni P says:

    Lots of people in the cryptocoin sphere are fans of Austrian economics and bring up some views typical of the Mises Institute people all the time. See for example this influential Bitcoin developer: https://medium.com/@jimmysong, he talks about Mises regression theory and has a series of articles on the benefits and virtues of “sound money”.

    That is besides the majority of not-necessarily Austrian libertarians that inhabit these fields anyway.

    The not-so-good news is that as Bitcoin and other currencies get more popular, the left starts to take over. See for example the keynesian inspired token https://www.bancor.network/ (which is a very bad idea, economically speaking, by the way, which didn’t stop it from raising tons of money from uninformed people).

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