28 Dec 2017

Murphy Links

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Some things that have been accumulating; I may have already posted some of them but just in case:

==> My post at IER on coal transportation and the impact on climate policy.

==> Contra Krugman ep. 118: I fly solo, taking on Krugman’s interview with Ezra Klein.

==> My interview on the Libertarian Christian podcast.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Endorses murder by the coal industry when he says, “Advocates of aggressive, top-down regulation might spin this result as an argument for direct controls on power plants. My interpretation is the opposite: As the study shows, the real economy is a lot more complex than the standard models capture.”

    What he has found, Hendryx says, is a public health disaster, with more than a thousand extra deaths each year in areas of Appalachia where mountaintop removal (MTR) operations take place. The air and water pollution caused by this mining practice, which involves deforesting and tearing off mountaintops to get at the coal, is leading to increases in cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, pulmonary disease, and birth defects, his research shows.

    Bob Murphy has been informed that mountaintop removal mining by the coal industry often results in the deaths of people living near such operations. Since these people are not asked for their consent, it is murder. But based on his article, Bob Murphy apparently has no problem with this murderous practice of the coal industry. Asking power plants to use coal not made with murder or slavery (if any such coal exists) would be a direct control. But Bob Murphy does not care how many people have to be murdered so that he can have cheap electricity. Bob Murphy is a vile advocate of corporate murder. He truly has no conscience.

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