18 Dec 2017

Krugman on Paul Ryan Bask

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For newcomers, on this blog a “bask” is a blog ask. (I don’t beg so I don’t do blegs.)

In this Vox interview, Krugman says: “Believe it or not, Paul Ryan’s original proposal was a sensible proposal, which had backing from Democratic-leaning economists as well. If it were actually on the table, I probably would be saying, “Yeah, I’m in favor of this as long as it’s deficit-neutral,” but the actual proposal looks nothing like that.”

Does anyone know what Krugman is referring to? I’d like to go to his blog at the time Ryan released this “original proposal” to see what Krugman’s reaction was, but I’m not sure what he evens means by this? I’ve asked someone more wonky than I, and he didn’t know either. Thoughts?

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