30 Dec 2017

Krugman, I Am Your Father

Bitcoin, Contra Krugman 1 Comment

Things get downright silly in this episode of Contra Krugman where I singlehandedly (Tom’s on vacation) talk about Krugman’s swipes at Bitcoin.

(“What’s with the Vader reference in the title, Bob?” I guess you’ll just have to listen.)

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  1. Jim says:

    Great episode. I did want to point out that there’s possibly a third take on Mises’ description of where money comes from with respect to explaining bitcoin, though it may be just another perspective on the two you go over in your episode. I haven’t read Mises’ account so I could be wrong but can his account be take purely descriptively rather than prescriptively or definitionally? In other words, could his theory be an accurate description of where our monetary system cam from but not necessarily be taken as the only possible way to bootstrap an item as a currency?

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