18 Nov 2017


Potpourri 1 Comment

==> Just to give you a heads’ up, I have a post in the pipeline to come out at Mises.org, riffing off this Krugman blog about Martians trading with Earthlings. So if you want to read his post to get your imagination chugging, it might make my post (which will run next week, I presume) easier for you to digest.

==> An interesting David Stockman post on the young foreign policy advisor to the Trump team that is in trouble with the FBI. (The punchline: Stockman doesn’t think this in any way justifies the “Russia tainted our election!” claims.)

==> I’m not usually a big fan of her Bloomberg columns, but I liked Megan McArdle’s recent appearance on EconTalk to discuss internet shaming and online mobs.

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  1. Harold says:

    On the Rockwell post, the fact that he refers to George Papadopoulos as “The Case Of Baby George Papadopoulos” in the title seems a good indication of a less than independent analysis.

    The basic conclusion seems to be that Trump had assembled a group of such no-hopers as his foreign analysis advisory team that nobody should take them at all seriously.

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