04 Sep 2017

Murphy on Dave Smith’s “Part of the Problem”

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This was a very enjoyable interview. Here’s the link to the “recent interviews” page; let me know if you can figure out how to link directly to my interview.  We start out talking about standard Austrian economics stuff, but then we turn to the current political scene.

I think this one stood out for me because deep down, I always thought I should be a standup comedian, but I was too much of a chicken. (Dave Smith is a professional comedian, in addition to now being a podcaster who talks politics/economics a lot.)

Here are some highlights:

==> 22:30: Dave asks me about the criticism that Austrians don’t care about empirical evidence.

==> 26:30 I explain how the pop David Friedman is more Misesian (in terms of method) than Freakonomics.

==> 38:40 Dave makes the same point about Milton Friedman on Donahue.

==> 31:15  Dave on being Bob Murphy. “What’s it like?”

==> 35:25  I criticize Krugman. (!)

==> 36:50 Dave asks me about the h8ers.

==> 37:20 I steal Scott Adams’ line about dog whistles.

==> 45:30 Dave says he talks to alt-right people to try to turn them.

==> 49:50 I remember Ron Paul’s Rudy Giuiliani moment.

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