22 Sep 2017

“Libertarian Law and Military Defense”

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You just thought I’d sit back and phone in episodes of Contra Krugman from now on? Nope, I’m still pushing forward the boundaries of an-cap theory, baby.

For real, there is some new stuff in here that isn’t in my earlier work.

2 Responses to ““Libertarian Law and Military Defense””

  1. Tel says:

    Here’s my argument on the whole anarchist / minarchist question (also in response to Tom Woods Ep 1001).

    If we want change the choice is basically between gradual change and revolutionary change.

    Should it go by revolutionary change, there’s two ways: either the current system collapses under its own weight and anarchy happens by default, or some group rises up and overthrows the regime. I cannot personally support either of those two options, simply because of the large numbers of people who would be hurt by revolutionary change. That’s not to say I don’t believe that the collapse of the system is impossible, but in terms of where I put my support, I unfortunately need to stand and prop up a bad system, while that is still possible.

    That means in terms of advocacy I can only advocate gradual changes. If other libertarians recognize the same conclusion they would also support me in gradual changes regardless of any anarchist / minarchist dichotomy. We all recognize the power of the state is too big: both in terms of ridiculous trivial regulations that attempt to capture every aspect of life, and in terms of tax, debt and spending, and war of course. If we gradually reduce these problems, then we have done good. Should the state actually get smaller, then at each stage we will be in a better position to discuss whether it needs to be smaller still. There’s no reason to get ideological about it… better to focus on the singular issues of the day.

    Now, as an exercise in theoretical analysis (not advocacy) don’t you think that if there was a private army that was capable of defeating a state on the battlefield, then it would have happened by now?

  2. Warren says:

    Look Bob, you took 20 pages to explain your position when all you had to say was “If you aggress against the land-mass I happen to reside upon you will forthwith receive numerous nude photos of myself and other economists and academics until you stop.”

    Invasion over. It’ll never even start.

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