30 Aug 2017


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==> Carlos and I took a long hiatus but now we’re back in the saddle. No joke, he uncovered some stuff in his research that I think is very interesting regarding the Fed unwinding its balance sheet, and how they may try to get out of the corner into which they’ve painted themselves. We explain in the latest episode of the Lara-Murphy Show.

==> My appearance on the Libertarian Christian Institute’s podcast, talking about an-cap law and defense.

==> I am quoted in this Pro Publica piece on the “social cost of carbon.” (He left out of the best part of my email, alas.)

==> I’m not endorsing the analysis, but Mark Spitznagel criticizes the use of cryptocurrencies as “safe havens.”

==> Roy Spencer argues that Houston flooding isn’t evidence of climate change.

==> This short clip from Jordan Peterson is interesting. It summarizes a lot of his perspective.

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  1. Darien says:

    The ProPublica link is a 404. So, while I was going to ask you to tell us what the left-out part of your e-mail was, now I gots ta ask for the whole thing.

  2. Bob Roddis says:

    Roy Spencer mentions that Harvey was not unique in the amount of rain it dropped, just where it dropped it. He mentions that the system stalled over Houston. He failed to mention that the system stalled because of a week-long cold wave to the north and east of Texas that impacted Michigan and that started two days after the eclipse. I finally had some free time to ride my ten-speed out on the new rails-to-trails north of the suburbs and for me, a high of 71 is just too cold to ride.


    Can Democrats blame stalled cold waves on Global Warming? I think I have seen them do it.

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