29 Aug 2017

“Ask Me Anything”

Shameless Self-Promotion 3 Comments

I agreed to do one of these things. Please clap.

(I’ll be attentive on Tuesday, August 29, from 7pm – 8pm Eastern, and then I’ll check again the next day for any stragglers.)

3 Responses to ““Ask Me Anything””

  1. Tel says:

    That’s impressive. I have tended to look down on reddit because in the past I’ve seen some really stupid arguments going on there… but your thread is remarkably clean, civilized and has genuinely interesting questions and answers.

    Maybe I’ll spend more time reading reddit for a while.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Yeah it’s funny, it has such a bad reputation. I guess it’s better than 4chan’s notoriety.

    • John Dougan says:

      Reddit’s quality is hugely dependent on the specific sub-reddit you are reading. Every /r/ community has different moderation policies and other traditions that can make you forget they are actually on the same site. Usenet had a lot of this quality in the bad old days.

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