26 Jun 2017

Murphy Triple Play

Contra Krugman, private law, Shameless Self-Promotion, Tom Woods 1 Comment

I don’t have time to do the time-stamp stuff on these. But they are all awesome; download them for when you’re on a road trip or something.

One hint: There’s a surprise at the beginning of the Contra Krugman episode.

==> Contra Krugman ep. 92: I am flying solo and bring Dan Mitchell on to talk about supply-side and Kansas.

==> Tom Woods had me on his own show (appropriately named “The Tom Woods Show”) on back-to-back episodes, to discuss private law and then private military defense.

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  1. Ryan T says:

    Thank you for the great resource. I loved the episodes. I’ve already referred someone to these interviews. Tom does a more interesting job playing a statist than any statist that I’ve ever heard.

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