25 May 2017

Listen to My Voice

Contra Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 1 Comment

Alma Cook had me on her unique podcast VOICES. We spent a lot of time in the beginning talking about Contra Krugman (it’s how we “met” when she confronted me initially over our snarkiness) but then transition into general observations on using your voice (singing, speaking in public, giving radio interviews, etc.).

3:50 I explain how Alma lectured us on Contra Krugman being too snarky.

6:20 I give an outrageously over the top compliment to Tom Woods.

7:40 I explain the background of Contra Krugman.

12:05 I get very jealous of Russ Roberts.

16:55 How do we pick Krugman’s column each week?

26:00 Alma admits she confronted me.

28:00 I call Krugman a bully.

30:25 Alma talks about standing up to bullies without violence.

37:40 My thoughts on speaking events.

40:15 Hard to just do one song?

42:30 Studying other speakers.

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  1. Tel says:

    I would vote for Lew Rockwell’s voice as one of the best in the current podcast landscape. I don’t always agree with him, but he has a great sounding speaking voice… and he usually makes more sense than most.

    That’s presuming voting is acceptable behavior around here.

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