14 Mar 2017

Murphy Podcast Twin Spin

Contra Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 5 Comments

==> I don’t have time to outline it, but here’s Episode 77 of Contra Krugman.

==> I was on the Johnny Rocket Launchpad. Hilarity ensued.

5 Responses to “Murphy Podcast Twin Spin”

  1. Tel says:

    You forgot the bit where Tom gets on the juice and starts acting kind of strange.

  2. Tel says:

    Ep 78 is out already, hard to keep up.

    Peter Schiff already had a go at Trump for the switchback on whether the jobs report was believable. Mind you Schiff also takes the time to regularly point out that Obama’s jobs recovery was driven by part time baristas and bartenders, so Krugman borrows from Schiff where it’s convenient but fails to tell the whole story.

    Krugman once again fails to notice that the majority of the gains from Obamacare were simply vast amounts of tax money tipped into Medicaid (even when the CBO points this out, and also the WP article that Krugman links to also points this out, Krugman still finds himself unable to read that part).

    The hypocrisy of the “Progressives” going on about how those evil Republican states put up some resistance to the expansion of Medicaid, but how about the way Obamacare was cheaper than expected, must be great management huh?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Great point about the Medicaid expansion Tel. If we had had more time I would’ve gotten into that. Just following Krugman’s links (maybe from his blog post, and not the op ed) about how ObamaCare was “much cheaper than expected,” you see that the main reason is the lower enrollment rates. And yet the average person probably thought Krugman meant, “Cheaper per new person insured.”

  3. Tel says:

    LMR Ep 36 is showing as available but for me it won’t play (earlier episodes were OK, so I think it isn’t me… but wouldn’t be sure about that). Have tried multiple browsers both mobile and desktop, tried RSS via AntennaPod and tried direct download (gives AccessDenied blocker).

    Not sure if that’s intentional embargo imposed by your inside sources or something like that.

  4. Johnny says:

    Great having you Mr Murphy! Your we’re a great guest I hope to see you in person at Mises in Seattle

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