24 Feb 2017

“If Ignorance Is Strength, How Strong Is Krugman?”

Contra Krugman 2 Comments

I picked the title this time for Contra Krugman (ep. 74), and I feel like Ralphie re-reading his essay on the Red Rider bb gun.

In this episode we have some fun, remembering all the diplomatic gaffes and serious policy blunders (such as the rollout of ObamaCare) under the previous Administration. The point isn’t to gloat or to say “But what about…” but rather it is to rebut Krugman’s refrain that right-wing Republicans have a monopoly on dumb moves.

2 Responses to ““If Ignorance Is Strength, How Strong Is Krugman?””

  1. Darien says:

    It is perhaps not the nicest thing to say, but I’m going to have to go with “not very strong.” I’ve never had the impression that ignorance is Krugman’s problem; I think he knows his stuff pretty well, but he plays fast and loose with the truth to push his agenda.

    • Tel says:

      I tend to agree… Krugman feigns ignorance when it suits him. Or rather, he conveniently forgets the bits that don’t fit into today’s narrative.

      His recent habit of linking to “proof” that he expects no one to follow up on, is particularly lazy and galling.

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