09 Jan 2017

Lara-Murphy Show Episode 33: Carlos and Bob Read the Intel Report on Russian “Hacking”

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We painstakingly go through the report. There’s not much there. If you just took the media’s word for it…”What did you learn?”


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  1. Andrew_FL says:

    Off topic, but I don’t know if you’ve seen yet what may be the Greatest Kontradiction Ever.

  2. Major.Freedom says:

    That weasel spokesman of the State Department John Kirby recently said there will not be any evidence provided of any agent of the Russian government financing or directing any hacking of any emails of the DNC or Podesta, as to do so would be “irresponsible”. As if that Orwellian line is credible…

    The current managers of the department and CIA have lost any credibility it once had with the lies surrounding WMDs in Iraq, not to mention the censorship of evidence of child trafficking, drug smuggling, interfering in foreign elections, murdering anyone who threatens their drive for power. The propaganda used by their front “news” outlets, WaPo, NYT, etc, and now the new media, Twitter, Facebook, etc, has been exposed for all to see. In 2013 the state legalized their own lies and propaganda through the media.

    The CIA is perhaps the most corrupt institution the country has ever seen

    Every credible expert, insider and player of cyber conflict and informatin wars, e.g. Assange, Snowden, McAfee, along with numerous “weaponized autists” who investigate for free and at their own risk, are unanimous in the conclusion that it was not only not the Russian state, but it was not a state actor.

    Russia is without a doubt a scapegoat. A boogeyman designed to rally Democrats around a common enemy to blame for their own failures. Republicans did the same thing not 20 years ago. This is no longer Republicans versus Democrats. It is the struggle of nations against global monopoly.

    Soros and many of his like minded goons falsely believe that the solution to ending world wars is to destroy nation states from within and replacing them with a single global financial and political world state. They are blinded by belief in refuted political doctrines. They do not understand how to remove their own subjective prejudices and biases out of the social equation so as to allow for natural human prosperity to flourish, accepting the possibility of individual human failure and evil, but striving towards betterment according to each individual for themselves. This requires the breakdown of states into smaller states, down to individual sovereignty, not the aggregation of states into larger states, e.g. EU.

    The trend of nationalism today is a defense against the much greater threat of globalist tyranny. It is not the rise of fascism. It is a localist response to global threats.

    If the current managers of the institutions of power want to stem the tide of global conflict, then the first place to look is in the damn mirror..

  3. Major.Freedom says:

    Modern leftism is heavily influenced by, and has been dependent on for over 150 years, on the philosophy of Historicism. This is the notion that there is an inevitable course of history that will unfold, if not sooner than later, and that each of us are at root merely participants in the grand history, whereby it is our job to accelerate this history.

    And who is to know the content of history? Those who believe that capitalism is at root evil and that socialism is the ideal.

    Hence we see the incredible flailing about among the dying left wing power centers. There is the deep rooted belief that the future is theirs, period, and that any advancement of alternative social mores and norms is at best a temporary setback, an ahistorical fetter, an injustice, a reactionary failure of historical progress caused by people who fail to believe in the inevitable course of socialist history. It is why we see such conceit and hubris, too hubristic even for my tastes.

    The truth of an argument is to these people by and large determined in the first place by whether it is consistent with their prognostications of historical social development, that is to say, whether it fits with the ultimate vision of the world as a world communist society of no individuality, no race, gender, class, etc. This is why we see, especially in the left wing media establishment, the twisting and distorting, of not outright censorship, of facts and news articles that don’t “fit the narrative.”

    When the holocaust was over, many Germans had no idea of what happened in their own country, due to the “narrative” replacing the facts on the ground. The same exact process of narrative replacing facts is taking place in this country. Millions of people are utterly ignorant of the evils taking place in their own neighborhoods because they are spoon fed “noble lies” to keep them docile so that the “true” knowers of historical development can take the world where they arrogated themselves ito believing it will inevitably go anyway. Such insanity. It has happened before and yet they do it again.

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