14 Dec 2016

Murphy on Jason Stapleton Program

Shameless Self-Promotion 9 Comments

If you feel compelled to comment on my beard, keep in mind that my office is a safe space.

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  1. Jan Masek says:

    Interview seems to start at 4:30.
    And Dr Murphy seems to have lost another bet 🙂

  2. David R. Henderson says:

    Haven’t watched yet, but the beard looks really good on you.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      thanks David

    • John Dougan says:


    • Tel says:

      That’s a broad, manly and serious economist beard. The friendly, jokey Bob is gone.

      If Krugman was reluctant to debate beforehand, then he’s gonna cross the street when he sees that beard coming the other way.

      When I grow a beard it tends to form a narrow shape, a bit like the Count from Sesame Street, only a bit redder than that. I can get a respectable Mexican bandido look happening if I clean off the chin and just let the mustache droop at the corners but somehow that’s not me, so I avoid that.

  3. Dexter Morgan says:

    Horrendous. I hired you to perform as George Costanza, not goof around on radio shows and grow a beard. Costanza has no beard.

  4. Capt. J Parker says:

    That’s the thing. The word ‘beard’ shook a lot of people up. Beard! It’s not American sounding. BEARD! Lenin had a BEARD! Gabby Hayes had ‘whiskers’. Monty Woolley had whiskers. – George Carlin – The Hair Piece

  5. Darien says:

    Oh, I didn’t realise you were *actually* growing a beard; I just figured that was Woods’ lamest plug ever for Harry’s razors. 😉

    Never mind the haters — looks good. Before long, we’ll all remember the “old” Murphy as the season 1 Riker of the liberty movement, and the “new” Murphy will be the good Riker from the rest of the seasons.

  6. Tel says:

    Just getting beyond the topic of beards for the moment…

    In terms of where the US economy is going, has anyone considered the angle that the coming crunch probably won’t be so very deep, because there never really was much of a boom during the Obama years?

    What I’m getting at here, Bob talks about “malinvestment” requiring a crash and a phase of reallocation of resources… but there hasn’t been much allocation of resources in the first place. Lots of US labour is sitting on the sidelines. New business simply isn’t starting up, so you can’t have malinvestment without investment.

    There’s my 2c prediction.

    Also, price inflation has happened… cost of living is up. Just not as dramatic as people expected.

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