03 Dec 2016

Latest Contra Krugman Is a Good One

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I’m being dead serious, we really caught Krugman in a whopper on this one (unless someone wants to defend his honor in the comments and explain why I’m wrong). Also, keep listening after the ending music kicks in–there’s a fun bonus.

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2 Responses to “Latest Contra Krugman Is a Good One”

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    Welcome to duh-VOSS Performance Hall.


    It’s a Michigan thing.

  2. Bob Roddis says:

    Richard DeVos and his wife Betsy became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund in 1993. The Fund provides private scholarships to low-income families in Michigan with wishes to attend schools of their choice. When the Children’s Scholarship Fund provided $7.5 million to the Education Freedom Fund, the DeVos matched the grant, and their foundation covers all of the administrative costs of the organization.

    In 2000, DeVos was the co-chairman of the “Kids First! Yes!” campaign committee, which sponsored a ballot-initiative that would have amended the Michigan constitution to allow vouchers and tuition tax credits for private K-12 education. The initiative lost, with 69% of voters opposing the measure.

    The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has also given money to groups like the American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children, and Children First America, in addition to funding Christian schools in the West Michigan area.


    On June 2, 2005, at Mackinac Island, DeVos announced his candidacy for governor of Michigan. He is still considered to be the wealthiest man to run for statewide office in Michigan’s history. As of October 27, 2006, the DeVos campaign had spent $39 million, of which nearly $35 million was DeVos’ own money. [What an inarticulate, cringe-inducing campaign].

    While running for governor:

    He also called for an increase in “funding for secondary and higher education,” for a streamlined health-care system “that utilizes technology to reduce hospital errors by making medical records more efficient,” and for “ strong anti-crime measures, specifically against child predators.


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