01 Oct 2016

Sarandon Is a True Progressive

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I can respect Susan Sarandon, even though (of course) I disagree with a lot of her policy views. But I think this is incredibly brave of her. So I respect her the same way I respect Glenn Greenwald, who was totally anti-Bush because of the war and civil liberties, and then was consistent when Obama continued the same horrible policies.

I also love her lines near the end, where she says (paraphrasing) that “if you think it’s smart to shore up the status quo, then you don’t understand the status quo.”

This is why I so profoundly disagree with people like Steve Landsburg, Scott Sumner, and Scott Alexander. They all think (to varying degrees) that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be nearly as risky as Trump, because hey at least it will be basically another term of Obama.

Uh, right. That’s why I actually think Trump might be better, though I can totally see why Trump is scaring the #$()#$ out of these guys.

It’s funny, people warn that “Trump is Hitler” a lot. But right now, if you want to talk like this, then the people “trying to take over the world” aren’t supporting Donald Trump. No, they are actively opposing him.

7 Responses to “Sarandon Is a True Progressive”

  1. Tel says:

    I agree with her that the status quo is not working, and agree with her over the anti-war stuff. Those are the things the mainstream media are so quick to brush off but probably the most important things.

    So Trump would be a departure from the status quo, probably not such a big departure as what some people are making out, but if you know you are headed for a cliff then at least some change of direction starts to seem attractive.

    Obviously things like $15 minimum wage and outlawing fracking are unlikely to fix anything, one of the big problems with the way democracy is implemented is that we get to vote for a whole grab-bag without looking at specific issues. I would hope that if they did implement a $15 minimum wage there would be sufficient consequences that they stopped to think about what just happened.

    Uh, right. That’s why I actually think Trump might be better, though I can totally see why Trump is scaring the #$()#$ out of these guys.

    They didn’t talk much about cronyism but I happen to think that the people most vehemently supporting the status quo are usually the ones with something to lose because the status quo is looking after them. If you want to motivate change you need to get onboard with the people who at NOT being helped by the status quo, and that’s exactly what Trump is doing.

  2. E. Harding says:

    Two Trump-Clinton megathreads:



    Fortunately, I was up late at night to quickly refute Scott the psychiatrist’s points.

  3. Andrew_FL says:

    Actually if Susan Sarandon is against Hillary Clinton, how bad can she possibly be?

    • John Dougan says:

      How bad can who possibly be? Clinton or Sarandon?

      • Andrew_FL says:

        That’s the beauty of that sentence, John. You can read it either way and it works.

        • Bob Murphy says:

          If you did that on purpose then *you* should be nominated for best troll…

          • Andrew_FL says:

            Oh, you know what they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

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