31 Oct 2016


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==> Reminder, I’m in DC to give a talk at American University at 8pm on Tuesday. Details here.

==> Tom and I tackle Krugman’s latest. Krugman argues that climate change is more urgent than the federal debt, but we use the CBO and IPCC against him. I love quoting from “the consensus.”

==> This was a great Tom Woods Show episode on Romans 13. His guest echoes a lot of the points I’ve made, but he did it all in one spot and more persuasively.

==> Scott Horton gives a good summary of why US federal government intervention in the Middle East, is kinda sorta like US federal government intervention in health care. (That’s my analogy. I’m saying look at the similarity in broad patterns.)

==> In my blog post looking at some of the debate claims from Trump and Clinton, I want you to be sure to see how abysmal the official “recovery” has been, compared to previous ones.

==> This is amusing; wait for the end. (I had nothing to do with it.)

==> If CNN were more openly in the tank for Hillary, there would be leaked emails showing how much they secretly hate her. Anyway, check out this example of how they misquoted Trump, then begrudgingly updated their story to reverse the initial headline.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT LIKE DONALD TRUMP ON EITHER A PERSONAL OR POLITICAL LEVEL. But the establishment is trying to take him out and I think the whole thing is hilarious.

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  1. GabbyD says:

    Why “begrudgingly” updated it? how do you know that?

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