05 Oct 2016

More Praise for *Choice*, Part 2 of 3

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For a different project (details forthcoming), I had to type up the blurbs that praise my book on Mises, namely Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action. I suspect that some of you are thinking, “I’m sure it’s a fine book, but I feel no reason to order it.”

Well, that would be a serious mistake. So over the next few days I’ll run some of the blurbs here, to prod you into human action.


Choice is a welcome book—a well-written, penetrating presentation of Ludwig von Mises’ economic analyses and insights. A most compelling read.” – Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics and Co-Director of the Institute for Applied Economics and the Study of Business Enterprise, Johns Hopkins University


“Robert P. Murphy is a master communicator. In Choice he makes the main ideas from the most important economics book of the twentieth century, Human Action, accessible to the average person.” – Benjamin W. Powell, Director, Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University


“[T]hanks to Robert P. Murphy in his important book Choice, we have the essentials of Mises’ famed treatise well tailored for twenty-first century readers together with revealing comparisons of Austrian economics with the modern-day mainstream alternative.” – Roger W. Garrison, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Auburn University


“With the publication of Choice, Robert P. Murphy joins Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard in the ranks of master teachers. His complete command over the entire discipline of economics…makes him the ideal guide into the origin, nature, theorems, and applications of economics in the tradition of Carl Menger…Choice is a master class in economics, open and accessible to all.” – Jeffrey M. Herbener, Chair and Professor of Economics, Grove City College

2 Responses to “More Praise for *Choice*, Part 2 of 3”

  1. Dexter Morgan says:

    Pro-choice when it suits your purpose, eh?

  2. Patrick Szar says:

    Alright already… Jeff Herbener broke me down. I’ll read the book!

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