04 Oct 2016

More Free Market Economists Who Are Pro-*Choice* Part 1 of 3

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For a different project (details forthcoming), I had to type up the blurbs that praise my book on Mises, namely Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action. I suspect that some of you are thinking, “I’m sure it’s a fine book, but I feel no reason to order it.”

Well, that would be a serious mistake. So over the next few days I’ll run some of the blurbs here, to prod you into human action.


“In Choice, economist Robert P. Murphy has achieved the much-needed idea of rendering Ludwig von Mises’ masterwork, Human Action, in prose that is user-friendly to twenty-first century readers of English with no prior training in economics.” – Gene Epstein, Economics and Books Editor, Barron’s


“Students will benefit greatly from a careful reading of Murphy and it will prepare them to better appreciate the depth of Mises’ contributions. Highly recommended!” – Peter J. Boettke, University Professor of Economics and Philosophy; Director, F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study, George Mason University


“In Choice, Robert P. Murphy brings this masterwork [Human Action] down from the summits of theory and history into the hands of today’s citizens in the form of a pithy text as topical as headline news and as trenchant as the original work of the Austrian titan himself.” – George Gilder, author of Knowledge and Power, Wealth and Poverty and other books; Co-founder, Discovery Institute


Choice is one of the best introductions to the foundations of modern Austrian School economics that I have ever read…We owe Murphy a great debt for Choice, and one can only hope that it will be a smashing success both as a textbook and a book read by the general public. I highly recommend that you get a copy and read it.” – Robert D. Tollison, J. Wilson Newman Professor of Economics, Clemson University

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