18 Oct 2016

Mises Circle in Fort Worth

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I have some comp’d tickets to the Mises Circle event in Fort Worth on Nov. 5. Shoot me an email if you want to go and bring a guest or two.

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  1. Carlton says:

    If you still have 2 free tickets you want to give away, I’ll take them and take my teenage son.

    BTW, we’ll have to talk about a proper name for our religious anarchism there. I think you used anarcho-monarchist (referencing Jesus as king). I prefer the phrase free-market theocratic patriarchal anarcho-tribalism to reference my anarcho-postmillennialism. Jesus reigns without being on earth, so the actual apparent form of government is a restoration of tribalism from before Israel abandoned God for a human king in 1 Sam. 8. I need to write an article on libertarian soteriology and anarcho-postmillennialism.

    Carlton Hobbs

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