01 Sep 2016


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==> This was a good Tom Woods show, where Michael Malice gives a great analysis of how the PC warriors think. What may have seemed incomprehensible to you before, will at least seem more understandable. As an added bonus, your sensitivity training comes from a man you may have thought was very rude.

==> A great analysis of paid family leave from David R. Henderson, where he cites the work of Jonathan Gruber (!).

==> Scott Alexander has THE BEST post on the EpiPen issue. Make sure you read to the end. (I may have already blogged this, but so what, you need to read it.)

==> Libertarian sociology professor (that’s not an oxymoron) Kimberly Johnson sends me her new paper on midwives and the medical establishment. Fight the patriarchy!

==> The eagle-eyed von Pepe also spotted this article on the woes in life insurance. However, notice that the article says the problem is in universal life policies (and long-term care insurance). With that context, consider the following excerpt from a video on the Infinite Banking Concept put out by James Neathery (one of the financial professionals on our IBC Practitioner Finder):

The reason I stress this is that Nelson Nash is adamant in his book and public lectures that people should NOT try to implement IBC using a Universal Life policy. This was actually a sticking point with some people; they thought Nash was being a fuddy duddy and not appreciating the flexibility of the new UL policies versus the old-fashioned Whole Life policies.

Such was our concern on this front–i.e. to avoid just the type of nightmares that are described in the NYT article–we have our financial professionals sign a contract agreeing that they can only use dividend-paying Whole Life policies (i.e. not UL policies) for people who want an IBC policy. See 3.3 in our FAQ for our Practitioner Program.

For one last pat on my back, go to Episode 18 of the Lara-Murphy Show, and listen from 11:00 – 13:30. You will hear me stress that you should make sure you are getting a dividend-paying Whole Life policy, and I warn that if someone tries to get you to use a policy with “more versatility” (I don’t call it UL by name but that’s what I had in mind), that it could “go south on you.”

In summary, I feel badly for the people who are getting shocked by the poor performance of their Universal Life insurance policies, but this is a testament to the wisdom of Nelson Nash. He has always been adamant that people who bought those policies were playing with fire, and that’s why he insists that IBC be implemented only with a dividend-paying Whole Life policy.

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  1. Julien Couvreur says:

    I’ll check out Kimberly Johnson’s paper. It will be interesting to contrast with the paper that Scott Alexander recently shared on the topic of occupational licensing and midwifery (which concludes that licensing saved lives).

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