24 Sep 2016

Contra Krugman Ep 53: Krugman Goes After the Libertarians

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I was actually nervous going into this one, since so many people on Twitter were hyping it along the lines of, “I can’t wait for Tom and Bob to rip apart this week’s column!!”

But, honesty compelled me to point out that Krugman didn’t actually say a single negative thing about Gary Johnson. Instead he had to attack the LP platform. This I suppose is a feather in the cap for both Johnson’s fans and critics.

Anyway, here ya go.

3 Responses to “Contra Krugman Ep 53: Krugman Goes After the Libertarians”

  1. Yancey Ward says:

    Krugman is hilarious. He seems to have bought the idea that Johnson hurts Clinton more than Trump in the election. Stein is the person who hurts Clinton, and Krugman should have been smart enough to realize this, but apparently doesn’t.

    I read a lot of political blogs on both sides, and I have yet to see a single Left-leaning blogger or commenter who is voting for Johnson over Clinton, but have seen hundreds of Right-leaning ones claiming to vote for Johnson rather than Trump. And the reverse is true for Stein. The simple fact is this- there are more defectors from the Republicans than from the Democrats, but I think people like Krugman keep trying to tell themselves differently, and this tendency gets worse the closer Trump is to Clinton in the polls.

    I expect Johnson to win less than 2% of the vote, and Trump to win the election. If Johnson wins more than 4%, Trump will lose.

  2. guest says:

    Contra Cruise: Woods +1/July 2017 Edition


  3. Tel says:

    I liked the way you first vigorously defend libertarian principles against Gary Johnson, and then go vigorously defend libertarian principles against Paul Krugman. Has a nice “pit fight” feel about it. Pity Johnson never made it into the televised debate, he would have livened it up with his antics. There’s a long history of the Joker, Jester, or Trickster character in Western culture and his absence is leaves a discernible void.

    By the way, the Devil is in the details and this podcast comes up under under “Contra Kurgman” for me. #MDM Meta Data Matters. I’m off to riot because of that and set fire to a city, and just wanted to know it will be your fault. Don’t make excuses, just make sure you get these things right. Also, any bail money would be appreciated. Thanks!

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