20 Aug 2016

Contra Krugman

Contra Krugman 9 Comments

Here’s the latest episode. Tell me if you guys think we were being unfair to Krugman. (I mean, on his own terms; did we misrepresent his position?) I was somewhat surprised by his stance.

BTW not sure I mentioned this, but I’m going to Argentina in about two hours, to speak at this conference. Not sure if that means you’ll see a lot of posts or nothing from me. But I really hope the police don’t mug me, because nobody would believe the story.

9 Responses to “Contra Krugman”

  1. Capt. J Parker says:

    In some South American countries the police do run extortion rackets. Brazil and Rio in particular are such places. Not so much in Argentina. There, if you offer a police officer a bribe you are likely to be arrested for doing so. If the Rio / US swimmers story was, as it now appears, a case of a bunch of drunk, frat-boy vandals being forced at gunpoint by private security guards to pay compensation for mistreatment of private property what do ardent libertarians think about that?

    • Bob Roddis says:

      Like all AnCappers, I support AnCap so that people who accidently walk on other people’s lawns are shot on sight.

    • Bob Roddis says:

      On a serious note, I was shocked to learn that Ryan Lochte was 32 years old, not 18. Why would anyone destroy property in a poor nation?

      • Capt. J Parker says:

        Well, the market may well impose its own discipline. Hope all the other US athletes take note of the endorsement dollars Lochte and his compatriots will miss out on because of their actions.

  2. Khodge says:

    Unfair? Not from lack of trying but, if anything, you were too easy on his “we know how to do these things” list. We’ve perfected the fine art of micro-managing the details so why is the big picture so fuzzy?

    I’ve heard a Clinton speech recently saying how much she will help the workers, suggesting that this will herald a golden age of small business. It seems that no one leaning to the left can connect the dots. (I just realized that connecting the dots was one of my favorite grade school tasks/exercises. Is that what is missing from left wing activist education?)

  3. Bob Roddis says:

    If Krugman doesn’t know what causes economic growth, he has no basis whatsoever to propose Keynesian “cures”. Ever. Don’t lose track of this definitive admission of ignorance.

  4. JNCU says:


    Just don’t sell your dollar’s and you should comeback alive.

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