12 Jul 2016

Catching up on Podcasts

Contra Krugman, Lara-Murphy Show, Shameless Self-Promotion 10 Comments

==> Tom and I talk Trump, globalization, and Chinese currency manipulation in the latest Contra Krugman.

==> Carlos and I talk Brexit in the latest Lara-Murphy Show.

10 Responses to “Catching up on Podcasts”

  1. Tel says:

    Just a comment on technicalities… I always download these podcast files and play using the VLC app on my Android phone. It groups the files by artist and album title (obviously intended for music) buy the Lara / Murphy report ends up as “Unknown Artist”. In contrast Tom Woods seems able to get his name embedded in the file somehow, thus all the Tom Woods shows get into the same group.

    Also, there’s an image that comes up on some podcasts but not on others, but yours doesn’t have one. Maybe you want to think about getting one, don’t ask me how but I presume the cost of getting that done would be lowish. Lew Rockwell can do it, just as an example.

    Good work on the content of the podcast BTW.

    • Andrew Keen says:

      I will echo Tel’s “Good work on the content of the podcast.” Contra Krugman might be my favorite podcast.

      By the way Tel: If you haven’t tried it, I recommend the Podcast Addict app for managing podcast subscriptions on Android. I’ve used a lot of podcast apps and it is by far the best I’ve ever used.

      • JAN MASEK says:

        I was going to say exactly the same thing. I also used to download mp3’s and played them offline in a music player but that gets messy, even if the files are properly labeled.

        Podcast Addict costs a few bucks but toally worth it.

        • Andrew Keen says:

          There is (or at least there used to be) a free version that has ads. I used the free version for a couple years before I finally dropped $3 on the ad-free version. The ads really didn’t bother me, but I figured owed the dev at least $3 for all the value I get out of that app.

      • Tel says:

        I’ve tried heaps of different ways to play directly online and it’s never been reliable. Sooner or later I get drop-outs or resets, and it leads to unnecessary anger in my system… I swore at it too many times until I decided never to to that again. Could be the mobile data is not quite as stable in these parts of the world, I dunno, I just have given up attempting to get the same quality out of streaming that I can get from a simple download.

        Besides, sometimes I like to flick back and listen to the start again, or even jump to other episodes and just hop around. If you have the old episodes right there on local storage it’s instantaneous, but if you try jumping around with streaming you end up waiting about the same time as required to download the entire file.

        What I would really like is if there’s a hack on VLC that can both play off a stream and also download the same stream in the background and keep it on storage, while keeping an index to know that it already has a cached copy if you ever want to go back and check it a second or third time. That would be the best of all worlds.

        Worst are the websites that attempt to force you to use their player in a browser. I avoid those.

        • Jan Masek says:

          The hack on VLC that allows you to stream as well as download it and keep it on storage is called Podcast Addict 🙂

          You can instantly stream episodes or download them and listen to them offline and “hop around”. It clearly shows what is downloaded and what isn’t. You can choose for new episodes to be automatically downloaded, or downloaded only when on WiFi, or downloaded only when you click.

          Downloading an episode takes a few seconds on 4G but only a few minutes even if you have really crappy connection.

          And of course it notifies you of new episodes in the podcasts you are following.

          Really, give it a try, sounds like it will do exactly what you want it to do.

        • Andrew Keen says:

          I echo Jan. Podcast Addict allows you to download or stream or do both at the same time.

          I try to download all of my podcasts while I am on WiFi so that I don’t chew up my data, but if a new episode that I want to listen to comes out while I am away from WiFi, then I just stream it until I get home.

  2. Bob Roddis says:

    I use iTunes to store and keep track of my podcasts even though I no longer have an iPod. All of the podcasts to which you have subscribed will magically flow into the iTunes program and are automatically sorted and maintained separately. You can play them on your computer in iTunes. If you want to play them in your car, just right click on the specific podcast in iTunes and click on “show in windows explorer”. Then click and drag that mp3 file into your flash drive. The mp3 file titles generally contain the episode number so a group of podcasts from the same source will tend to sort numerically. Make sure that the ultimate destination is to a different drive or else the file will disappear from iTunes into another folder in on the same drive.


  3. skylien says:

    Really nice podcast.

  4. Tel says:

    Speaking of podcast catch-up, you are already one behind with the latest Contra Krugman, and thr amazing big hall sound effects that Tom Woods is introducing.

    By the way, what do you guys think of Mike Pence?

    I mean, not like you are going to vote or anything; but from an Austrian economics point of view, are his policies any good?

    He talks about balanced budgets, has some Tea Party support, seems to have done decent things with the economy in Indiana. Could be worse, I guess.

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