13 Jun 2016

Contra Krugman Episode 39

Contra Krugman 6 Comments

A lot of hijinx and tomfoolery in this episode. Be sure NOT to skip our plug of the Contra Cruise, because we give more details concerning this mysterious and magical voyage.

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  1. Aby says:

    Could Keynesians point to the early years of nazi germany (before the war) as an example of their policies working?

    • Tel says:

      I’m pretty sure Adam Tooze made that comparison, although I loaned my book and haven’t got it back so I can’t double check.

      It was a bit complicated, of course the building of the Autobahn network was famous (roads being dual-use, both military and civil trade), but I remember Tooze pointing out that in terms of money spent, roadbuilding wasn’t such a big percentage of the Nazi “stimulus spending”. A much larger amount went into straight out military build up, but remember at the time everyone was doing military build up, certainly France, UK, Russia and Japan were all into it. Germany developed the Panza mkI and mkII, as well as their dive bombers, while the UK was putting the finishing touches on their spitfires and hurricanes.

      Once you have put a lot of capital investment into armaments, how do you make that investment pay back? That’s when you run into a problem.

      • Aby says:

        What is the name of the book?

        • Grane Peer says:

          The Wages of Destruction

  2. Dexter Morgan says:

    I don’t trust cruises. The ships are filled with viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea. These creatures certainly don’t follow the Non Aggression Principle.

    • guest says:

      … Promises something for everyone …

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