08 May 2016

Short and Sweet on Salvation

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The kind of person who gets to spend eternity with God is one who knows he doesn’t deserve to be there.

4 Responses to “Short and Sweet on Salvation”

  1. Excel says:

    Someone who doubts the will of god?

  2. Dexter Morgan says:

    Don’t tell that to all the narcissistic humanists out there.

    And no, I don’t believe in Jesus or God, I just don’t believe in the intrinsic value of humanity or its desires either.

  3. David R. Henderson says:

    There goes my chance.

  4. Adrian Gabriel says:

    This is a really good explanation Dr Murphy. I see this in every person that attends the bible study I attend on Monday nights. Every single person there knows they have to keep building that relationship with God, either through good deeds or good fruits. Very true indeed.

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