15 May 2016

I Go Deep on Twitter

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I realized that most of what I pump out on social media is cynical humor, and so I thought I should keep it real for a bit.

Let there be peace on Earth /
And let it begin with me…

9 Responses to “I Go Deep on Twitter”

  1. Andrew_FL says:

    Nah, I’m pretty sure I’m just chemically unbalanced.

  2. skylien says:

    If you usually display cynical humor on social media, how do people there know you are serious this time?

  3. E. Harding says:

    This is also cynical humor. Definitely. So, LOL?

  4. Aaron Cuevas says:


    Christ is King over the whole Universe.

  5. Dexter Morgan says:

    Very nice, but there is no capacity for good in humanity. ‘Good’ is just a social construct, nothing more, nothing less. Just human vanity: the demand that our desires and goals be valued.

    • Jim says:

      > ‘Good’ is just a social construct

      Like gender?

      • Dexter Morgan says:

        Like the language we are using right now.

        • Jim says:

          No totalitarian regime has said it better.

  6. Reader says:

    Awesome stuff, Bob. 🙂

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