28 May 2016

“Get to Higher Ground”: Behind the Message

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In this new video, Dan Hagen and I explain why we wrote our song, and our hopes for music to spread the message of liberty.

4 Responses to ““Get to Higher Ground”: Behind the Message”

  1. Daniel Kuehn says:

    I can only assume by the title that you’ve accepted the seriousness of the climate change threat.

    • guest says:

      Can you really escape the climate change threat, though?

      If all we had to do was get to higher ground, we could just, like, build off the ground or something.

      No need for a socialist agenda 21 to solve what amounts to Austin Powers driving a steam roller straight at you.

      And yes, I know your comment was a joke.



    • skylien says:

      Ice ages never were fun I guess, but what would you need higher ground in an ice age for?

      • guest says:

        Maybe you’d need higher ground to build increasingly more fun slaloms.

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