04 Mar 2016

Bob “Indiana” Murphy

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Not sure if I told you guys this, but I’m going to Europe for 10 days for a “free market road show.” I’ll be at the first stop through Prague. If you’re in the area, come on out.

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  1. Capt. J Parker says:

    Prague’s great. FWIW here’s my short list of places locals have taken me to eat.
    Hergetova Cihlena – Near the Kafka Museum and peeing statues.
    Kampa Park (Kampa Fish is also supposed to be good but I have not been there)
    U Petreska Vese – Traditional Czech food and old world atmosphere.
    Most of the restaurants near old town square have mediocre tourist food.
    You may be “lucky” enough to engage with one or two well educated people who while doing quite well under the market system remain advocates for the communism.

  2. guest says:

    We named the dog “Indiana”.

  3. Jan Maaek says:

    Dr.Murphy, I used to be a frequent student of yours at Mises Academy, we met once in person in Las Vegas. I am a Prague native and just got back to live there after having lived in London for a decade. I’m happy to show you around, I know the Mises Institute folks there, prof. Sima etc. Just drop me a note please if you’d like a local friend.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Jan we are on a pretty tight schedule so I don’t know if I can meet you separately. But I’m at the FMRS on Monday the 14th (?) and the day before I’m presenting at the economics conference.

  4. denis says:

    where “out” shoudl i be waiting for you? 😀

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