02 Mar 2016

Another Interesting Facebook Misunderstanding

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A while ago I posted about the misunderstanding people had when on Facebook I said something like, “Has anyone tried sending ISIS the Carpenters’ Christmas album? I’m not saying it would work, but we should at least try.” I meant that Karen’s voice was so sweet and lovely that it would calm even the angriest of fanatics. But several people thought I meant that it would kill ISIS, along the lines of, “Ha ha let’s force them to listen to Nickelback.”

We have another such incident when I recently posted something like, “The people who are flipping out about Donald Trump strike me as akin to going nuts when ‘Halloween 5’ came out. Sure, I’m not disagreeing with your critique, but you’re just *now* noticing these things?”

So what I meant is that the American police state has been coming along quite nicely for some time now. (See my video from 2013 below.)

Yet several people patted themselves on the back and said, “Well Bob, *I* was on to Trump’s awfulness from the get-go. Not my fault if the rest of the people are just waking up to it.”

To be clear, the point of my post isn’t to criticize those people; I can see how my joke was ambiguous. I just think it’s interesting how people with different worldviews reach totally different conclusions.

2 Responses to “Another Interesting Facebook Misunderstanding”

  1. Dan says:

    I just like it when jokes are explained. Always makes them better.

  2. Reader says:

    So…you want me to vote for Rubio?

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