11 Feb 2016

Soft Launch of Lara-Murphy.com

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Hey kids,

I have a new website with my co-author here. Let me know if you see any problems. You are my Quality Control. I want Bob Roddis’ stamp of approval before I tweet it out…

19 Responses to “Soft Launch of Lara-Murphy.com”

  1. Rick Hull says:

    Looks slick, and feels lightweight (a good thing) on my Android phone. I haven’t dug deep yet.

  2. Khodge says:

    It comes across well on my phone, however, the body of the page strikes me as being too much like a cheesy clickbait sites that, as soon as I see one, I get out before I catch a virus or start having a dozen pages open.

    I would go with smaller fonts in the body for a more professional look. The header, footer, and links work for me.

  3. Dan says:

    Looks good to me. Although, I would recommend adding at least a sad face/arms crossed pic to balance things out.

  4. Mike says:

    The Resources page (https://lara-murphy.com/resources) has a button for “All Podcast Episodes” that takes you to a “Page not Found” screen. I know you just have the one podcast so far but might as well fix it now.

  5. Bad Luck Ichabod (A.K.A. Reader) says:

    The pictures of you and Carlos are out of focus. Also, “Lara-Murphy Reporting” sounds nice, but would Carlos go for Robert P. Murphy and Friend?

    Maybe instead of Lara, do it with Tom Woods. Have you ever heard of an economist called Paul Krugman? He’s kind of obscure but he has a weekly column you could critique. I’d totally listen to that.

  6. Rick Hull says:

    From here: https://lara-murphy.com/privatized-banking/

    I scrolled down to Nelson Nash, and clicked Read More

    That took me to, surprisingly: https://lara-murphy.com/what-is-austrian-economics/

    The content of this page is “Page Not Found”

  7. Grane Peer says:

    The site looks and feels great, Bob. I don’t know why you two had to be blurred into the background just to emphasize the mobile version though. I also would have liked to see at least one picture on the site featuring you in a cape like James Brown or, perhaps, Mel Farr and I am unanimous in this. Now where are the rest of those economic thought videos? You can’t just show a little leg then run off stage.

  8. Darien says:

    Looks pretty decent; the scaling on the menu bar font causes very tiny artifacts in some browsers I’ve loaded it in, but they’re barely noticeable. The idea of another podcast to listen to is exciting, yet also daunting. Carlos Lara sure looks fierce in that banner picture! 🙂

    I like how all the “greatest hits” are by Lara and all the Murphy books are “recommended reading.” The Obama administration should do something about this gross inequality!

  9. Aby says:

    What do you mean by “building the 10%”?

    • Aby says:

      Never mind, I’m gonna listen to your podcast

  10. Capt. J Parker says:

    1) The site looks very professional. The few links I tried worked fine (on laptop with Chrome)
    2) Read the Fed rate hike article. Would have loved to see you point out that in addition to the Fed paying bankes even more IOR the Fed is paying now paying money markets interest through reverse repos. AND that that money used to go to Treasury so guess who is in effect footing the bill.
    3) You know we love you Dr. Murphy but you need some better photos of yourself: http://tinypic.com/m/jfb0ar/4

  11. Nick says:

    The newsletter sign-up gave an error, “Sorry, we could not complete your sign-up. Please contact us to resolve this.”

    Also doesn’t appear to be anything here: https://lara-murphy.com/privatized-banking/

  12. Tel says:

    I dig your podcast theme music at the start.

    Must have been a huge challenge to find a funkier intro than Schiff Radio.

    It’s a fascinating topic that whole IBC thing, and I’m impressed by your explanation, look forward to more podcasts. I think there’s still a point that you guys skip over here… the Fed has a printing press, it gives them awesome powers. Maybe that printing press is immoral (although maybe not, because it’s not like they hide the fact) but what that means is when it comes to riding the inflationary escalator the best place to be is as close to the printing press as possible. You want to be drinking from the hose if you can.

    People using IBC and making old fashioned payments as a means of saving just aren’t hep to the modern world where you get immediate gratification, and you make a profit at the same time because the value of the asset inflates. The guy trying to save up to buy something is always going to get left behind.

    I accept that IF we lived in a different world, with no Fed (or severely limited Fed), and very low inflation, and if IBC was the standard and commonly accepted method of banking… there might well be broad value in that, as a way of life and an honest approach to doing business. But I just don’t see that as the world we are living in right now… and I don’t expect that a few stubborn people are going to change anything by pretending otherwise. Good to get the message out, and encourage people to think about the implications… I just wouldn’t be sticking my money into IBC.

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