08 Feb 2016

Contra Krugman Episode 21, and Contra Cruise Ready for Booking!

Contra Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 6 Comments

Here’s the link to the latest episode, where Tom and I kinda sorta agree with Krugman’s reaction to Market Monetarists on the Fed and the Great Recession.

But perhaps more important, you can now reserve your spot on the 2016 Contra Cruise!!

6 Responses to “Contra Krugman Episode 21, and Contra Cruise Ready for Booking!”

  1. Guest says:

    Check out Ben Bernanke here. He explains everything with perfect clarity.


    • Guest says:

      Oh and btw, I did listen to that conversation between You and Tom. Good stuff. You 2 have come a very long way, not in your thinking necessarily, your production value.

      That above YouTube link is only 50 seconds yet it speaks volumes.
      The take away, Ben Bernanke is no better than most other college kids who enter the work force. They are in a beer and poontang induced comma and really have no idea how to do their job. Here it is again.


  2. guest says:

    “ContraCruise …

    “Forget those political arguments with friends and co-workers. Spend seven days with like-minded people, including Bob and me, who don’t demand that you justify yourself, and with whom you can relax and have a great time.”

    So … a cruise?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      I get your joke but no, we are doing a lot of “official” things too. We can’t specify them all on the main page of the website.

      • guest says:

        Will there be opportunities to corrupt Tatiana Moroz into joining the hard money side?

  3. Tel says:

    I’m just tacking this on Contra Krugman, because it’s a keeper and it’s from Krugman… although it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this episode:


    Republican predictions of Obamadoom, on the other hand, were all about their claims about policy effects: the 2013 tax hike and the coming of Obamacare would be massive job-killers, they insisted again and again. So good employment performance really does count as a major disproof of their worldview.

    Note the first trick there: Krugman posts a graph of UNemployment and then pretends this is about employment. But actually, if you wanted to talk about employment you would probably want a chart like this:


    So the US has undone all the employment gains from the 1980’s an onwards. Yes, some of that was Bush’s fault… some, but not all.

    The hilarious thing is how long Krugman is going to stand by his gloat once the USA hits a recession with interest rates already low and conventional stimulus largely out of the question. A lot of the key points of Obamacare were delayed but at some point they need to go ahead and implement those, ain’t gonna be pretty.

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