22 Jan 2016

“Get to Higher Ground”

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Dan Hagen and I started working on this last September. It is mostly his creative vision, but I helped write it and of course am the lead vocals. Hope you guys like it.

I’ll post the link for iTunes next week once it’s available, in case you want to support struggling Nashville musicians.

4 Responses to ““Get to Higher Ground””

  1. guest says:

    Vocals are decent.

    Can’t figure out if the song’s about religion, the economy, or climate change.

    I’m guessing the repetitive part at the end is supposed to fade out when it’s ready for iTunes?

    Thanks for sharing these.

    • skylien says:

      I agree.

      Bob did you take a course of Ken Tamplins Vocal Acadamy? (See Youtube).

  2. Innocent says:

    Bravo Dr. Murphy. Bravo.

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