20 Jan 2016

A Nice Review of The Primal Prescription

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I’m not sure who this reviewer is; it looks like he writes a lot about health care / ObamaCare at this website. Anyway, a nice review of my book (co-authored with Doug McGuff), The Primal Prescription.

An excerpt from the review:

The Primal Prescription is written in a conversational style, avoiding jargon, and brims with anecdotes illustrating the authors’ contentions. It would probably be worth the price for either the history of government interventions into the healthcare system or the guidance on improving one’s health (even if one doesn’t subscribe to the primal lifestyle) and navigating the system; the pairing makes it even more valuable. It is precisely what one would expect from a doctor: diagnosing the problem — in this case, with an economist on board for a second opinion — and discussing treatment options. For the ailing American healthcare system, the cure, the two men conclude, is “freedom and independence.”



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