04 Dec 2015

Paris Power Ploys

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My latest at IER, talking about the negotiations over climate policies. An excerpt:

And so we see a familiar pattern: Political officials and their sycophants in the press telling Americans just how urgent a particular piece of legislation—or, in this case, an international “agreement”—is to fight a huge problem, and then the actual wonks in the corner admit that the remedy won’t solve the ostensible problem, even using their own framework. Call it “global warming theater.”

4 Responses to “Paris Power Ploys”

  1. Craw says:

    Less like theater than a staged distraction so you won’t notice the pick-pocket.

  2. Yancey Ward says:

    It has always been about money flowing from taxpayers and through the hands of government and the UN-linked NGOs. The entire process that is supposed to culminate in Paris has always been a sham. Congress would never appropriate the money for Obama’s coming global agreement, so I suspect the funds will be looted by some other manner, probably via courts around the world ruling against US based multi-national corporations- see the recent stories about Exxon, for an example of what it to come.

  3. Bob Roddis says:

    All the great work Bob Murphy does on this topic is truly jaw-dropping.

  4. Tel says:


    Good for a laugh, hard to find anything she says even remotely connected with reality. Amazing the level of complete disconnect at work here. Funniest bit is where she says we have already made an improvement because they were predicting 5 to 7 degrees of warning about 6 years ago, and now the same climate scientists are predicting only 3 or 4 dergees of warming.

    Well done lads! Let’s push hard for an even lower prediction then.

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