12 Dec 2015

Krugman Says Economy Not So Bad

Contra Krugman 5 Comments

Tom and I discuss his column in Contra Krugman Episode 13.

5 Responses to “Krugman Says Economy Not So Bad”

  1. Tel says:

    Let’s see if Krugman can accurately predict the next US downturn.

    I’m convinced by Schiff… it’s coming within the next 12 months.

    • E. Harding says:

      Not a chance. The indicators I’m looking at are all on the side of no recession in the first half of 2016.

  2. Innocent says:

    Okay, I my prediction for the next downturn to start has been for a while now between the middle of 2016 ( starting June/July ) to between 2018 ( June/July )

    The reason I give the range is I figured that the housing bubble would have burst in 2005 – 2006 which did not happen. I forget about irrational exuberance which kept it going far longer than it should have. So now I try to hedge my bets by giving ranges lol. I was worried for a brief time that it had hit early in September/October this year but figured it was a correction and that people would allow the soothing words of the Fed to play on them a little while longer.

    While I respect Schiff, he is a little jumpy about things like this and is always predicting that the bottom is going to fall out. 40 Months seems a little too long, but there is a chance it could be that long before it happens. Again irrational exuberance is a wonderful thing. I would also say that the longer it goes before the next downturn occurs the worse it will be.

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