04 Dec 2015

Doug McGuff on Tom Woods Show

*The Primal Prescription* 2 Comments

With the holiday I somehow missed this. Anyway check out my co-author, ER Doctor Doug McGuff, on Tom’s show. The subject is our new book, The Primal Prescription.

2 Responses to “Doug McGuff on Tom Woods Show”

  1. trent steele says:

    Doug McGuff’s Dirty Dozen has just become the Dirty Baker’s Dozen: way #13 for avoiding the ER is to always remember to plug your co-author’s interviews about your book.

  2. Colombo says:

    Great interview!

    Very interesting what he said about the state of ER medicine. I’d like to know what his colleagues’ opinion is. It does seem that there are many closet libertarians in medicine, but I doubt that would even show up in an anonymous survey. There’s too much politics and too much to lose.

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