25 Nov 2015

ObamaCare’s Not Got a Lot to Be Thankful For This Year

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That post title may not be fully grammatical… Anyway I had to do a bunch of this research in preparation for this week’s Contra Krugman (not released yet), so I wrote an op ed that was placed in the Daily Caller. Makes for great Thanksgiving Day conversation.

And remember, if you want the definitive explanation of what went wrong with U.S. health care / insurance, check out my new book with co-author (and ER doctor) Doug McGuff.

One Response to “ObamaCare’s Not Got a Lot to Be Thankful For This Year”

  1. Khodge says:

    The insurance companies that left their fingerprints all over the ACA should be made to cover their losses; it may encourage them to rethink their lobbying and crony capitalist practices.

    I think it is fair to say that the makeup of the current Congress is such that single-payer is not on the table.

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