17 Nov 2015

Go Forth and Multiply Bask

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Hey, can someone locate an “authoritative” forecast on per capita global real GDP growth for the long term? I just need a ballpark figure, like, “The IMF / World Bank / Magic 8 Ball says that per capita real GDP will grow an average of 1.5% annually through 2060…”

The actual figure is not important, I just want something to cite for an argument I’m making. I did a quick google and couldn’t find anything beyond forecasts for the next few years.

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  1. Tel says:

    When it comes to “authoritative” forecasts, the guy you want goes by the name Paul Ehrlich. No discussion is complete without a quick rundown of the reigning world champion wrongologist.

    Interview would be even better if there’s any way to tee that up.

  2. Yancey Ward says:

    Just do what the authoritative economic forecasters already do- pull a number out of your as*.

  3. BOB D says:

    If you haven’t found this already, I think this report has what you’re looking for as an annex table:


    • Bob Murphy says:

      BOOM this is perfect Bob D thanks. (Maybe your link had it too Jeff, thanks for the effort.)

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