21 Nov 2015

Drone Operator Whistleblowers

Big Brother 3 Comments

I heard this episode of “Democracy Now!” during my trip to Houston today. Some serious stuff, I encourage you to have this playing at least in the background.

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  1. Scott H. says:

    I listened to it. I think I had an open mind. At 27:52 the interviewer asked Brandon:

    “Why did you sign this letter and what are you calling on President Obama to do?”

    The two part answer was: (1) we want more transparency and (2) all this fear and hatred is out of control.
    You can listen to the exact wording.

    That didn’t seem like a satisfactory answer from my insider whistleblowers. Anyone waking down the street can blow that whistle in the exact same way. They’ve got to bring some serious dirt and accusations IMO. Otherwise, it’s kind of a waste of the risk they took.

  2. Colombo says:

    Ender’s game.

  3. Colombo says:

    They seem very worried about videogames. Nothing to worry about. Every government program backfires, always. This is the problem with leftists, they actually believe that the government can be efficient. (that’s why they want government for themselves alone; they say “democracy”, but mean tyranny).

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