21 Oct 2015

*The Primal Prescription*

*The Primal Prescription*, Shameless Self-Promotion, Tom Woods 8 Comments

I have to run to a seminar right now–I have a job, folks–but here is Tom gushing about my new book, co-authored with ER doctor Doug McGuff.

If you want the book, go ahead and click the Amazon link from Tom’s page for now. Later I’ll do a better post here.

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  1. guest says:

    Help McGuff take a bite out of crime. *Ruff*

  2. guest says:

    Thanks for mentioning the CBO.

    People have to understand that the CBO just spits out results of the data it’s given, whether or not the data is true.

    It isn’t allowed to opine on whether or not the data is true. That’s not it’s job.

    So, just because Obama ran Obamacare through the CBO back in the day, and the CBO said it would be economically viable, doesn’t necessarily make it so, and it wasn’t.

    When Obamacare was sent to the CBO, it excluded some kind of payback to doctors, but when Congress pretended like they passed it (it’s unconstitutional, so it never passed, no matter what the Supreme Court said), it included that payback, which costs a lot more than was presented to the CBO.

    • guest says:

      Also, at the “Health Summit”, the Republicans wanted to discuss the constitutionality of Obamacare, and debate was not permitted, the excuse being that “we’d already debated this for some time now” (paraphrase).

      So, there was no debate about the constitutionality of Obamacare.

      That’s for the record.

      Aside: I remember this Health Summit was where Paul Ryan was shining, and where his reputation as a Conservative was solidified, since he was really good against Obamacare, at the time.

      How consistent he intended to be, I don’t know.

    • guest says:

      Here’s some information about the CBO scoring method and the “paybacks” (Doc Fix) I was talking about:

      This is when Paul Ryan was being awesome, back in the day:

      Paul Ryan: Hiding spending doesn’t reduce spending.
      (Duration: 6:11)

  3. Tel says:

    Bob, I heard grumblings about this… under the menu above “Writings, fruits of my labor” you don’t have at least a few of your most recent books right there in the menu where they are easy to find. You know there’s a chance someone might come to your website wanting to know about your books (yeah, they can easily search many other places, but people will insist on coming to your website, go figure).

    Also, for “Choice” and “Primal” neither of them are in the “Popular Writings” page… nor is there a link to your bitcoin book, in fact, that list seems like it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

    You almost need to hire a professional list editor, just to organize the links to all the stuff you have written.

    • Z says:

      hire whoever tom woods is hiring

  4. Colombo says:

    McGuff is a hero of mine. Most ER doctors have an awful health, neglect their body and suffer severe stress. Also, they are very gullible and mostly socialists. McGuff is the opposite of that.
    All doctors, especially ER doctors, should practice what they preach or shut up.

    Congratulations on the new book!

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