05 Sep 2015


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Sorry for the scant blogging, but I’m in the middle of a move to Texas. In six months, when you see the prodigious output of academic journal articles, you will thank me. (Or not.)


==> I have a new Cato working paper on carbon taxes. I co-authored it with climate scientists Pat Michaels and “Chip” Knappenberger. Some of it you guys have seen before, but a lot is new.

==> This was a fantastic episode of the Tom Woods show, where his guest explains how to bring a Costco-type business model to health care.

==> Lew Rockwell interviews John Denson, explaining some of his recent reading on historical U.S. foreign policy. Great stuff.

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  1. senyoreconomist says:

    Are you considering going back into academia? I.e., becoming a professor again?


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