14 Sep 2015

Contra Krugman Trailer

Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 26 Comments

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  1. Colombo says:


  2. aby says:

    I think tom should be YOUR sidekick not the other way around

    • Z says:

      Beat it. Murphy will ALWAYS be MY sidekick. I will kick you in the side if you don’t keep your trap shut.
      – Dr. Tom D Woods

    • Tel says:

      Tom always plays the straight guy, it’s in his contract.

    • Tom Woods says:

      No kidding. I pointed that out at the beginning. I think we changed the word “sidekick” for that reason. When it came out like that in the video, I think we just didn’t feel like getting it changed.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s no shame in being Scottie Pippen.

      • Dan says:

        There’s no shame in being Scottie Pippen.

      • Z says:

        You’re being too nice. You have to show these people around here an iron fist or they’ll never learn.

      • Grane Peer says:

        Hold on, hold on, Let’s think of this like Captain Kirk and Spock. There is a rich history of superior sidekicks, whether Penny and Gadget, Tick and Arther, Fry and Bender or even Bush and Cheney. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Marx and Engels.

        The point is, there is nothing unusual about this arrangement and my Kirk and Spock view is, I think, perfectly fitting. I mean, Bob clearly has the superior strength and logic but when it comes to the green ladies it’s all Woods.

        • Z says:

          Let’s be serious. The reason Bob is the sidekick is because Tom needs to run the show. Bob is smart as a tack and Tom will of course say he’s the better economist, but Bob can’t run a radio show. For the show to be effective, Tom needs to be in charge, he’s got the personality and media savviness. Bob needs to be the brainy guest. Bob in charge is not going to work. Sorry guys, but that’s just the truth.

          • Grane Peer says:

            Why so serious?

            • Z says:

              Some of us are trying to be serious and act like adults. If you cannot do that, we’ll have to throw you off the grain pier.

          • guest says:

            Tom makes great media, true.

            But on the topic of Krugman, and given how much he is listened to, it’ll be Bob’s mega memory that makes this show great.

  3. Levi Russell says:

    Shouldn’t the opening line read “specious Keynesian insights”?

  4. Keshav Srinivasan says:

    Bob, will it be a video podcast or just an audio podcast?

  5. guest says:

    You have to keep each other on the same show when you fight Krugman’s articles, otherwise one of you could cause the other to fall off.

    Keep the Spreader when you find it.

    Consider yourselves heroes.

  6. guest says:

    Paul Krugman at 0:55:

    “Fiat money, if you like, is backed by men with guns.”

    More people need to hear him say this!

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