08 Aug 2015

Stigler Bask

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Can anyone find a non-gated version of this article?

Stigler 1955, “The Nature and Role of Originality in Scientific Progress,” Economica, New Series, Vol. 22, No. 88, pp. 293-302

Note, I am not asking to break IP laws.

3 Responses to “Stigler Bask”

  1. stigler_fan says:

    Check your inbox 😉

    • Z says:

      More like the ‘sinbox’ now with all this law breaking.

  2. Darien says:

    I’m sorry, Bob, but I’m afraid this one has defeated me. I can’t find it anywhere but JSTOR. Wiley’s web site doesn’t have any 1955 Economicas on it, either.

    I did find that that essay may have been collected in Stigler’s “Essays in the History of Economics,” which Amazon will sell you for five bucks if you don’t want to pay the $43 JSTOR evidently wants: http://www.amazon.com/Essays-history-economics-George-Stigler/dp/B0006BMTS4

    Alternatively, the UAF library has a copy. You could swing up and snag it. 😉

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