11 Aug 2015

Seattle Green Groups Say Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Is a Joke

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Specifically, they reject “standup economist” Yoram Bauman’s drive for a revenue-neutral carbon tax in Washington State. Although the story doesn’t mention it, I am pretty sure they think I’m funnier, too.

Details here.

3 Responses to “Seattle Green Groups Say Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Is a Joke”

  1. Andrew_FL says:

    I accidentally clicked the link to that guy’s website and I blame you for my ensuing mental trauma.

  2. Major.Freedom says:


    The EPA purposefully polluted the Animus river in Colorado in order to secure a government contract for $100-$500 million to build a treatment plant.

  3. Kevin Erdmann says:

    Actual line in this article about the tax opponents:
    Climate change will disproportionately affect poor and minority communities, they note, so any climate initiative ought to place racial equity front and center.


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