02 Jun 2015

Update on Commenting Issues

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OK I am going to try to go into the Spam folder periodically and approve comments that the plug-in erroneously marked as Spam. Apparently, this will help it learn over time which ones to allow and which to divert.

So that means some of you will see duplicate comments, because you resubmitted under a different email address etc. I think the best way to handle this going forward is either of the two following approaches:

(A) You use a single preferred email address. If your comment disappears, then email me and I’ll go approve it. Hopefully the plug-in will soon learn your email address is OK. But this means you have to have patience, while you wait for me to dig up your comment.

(B) When a comment disappears, you use a different email address or some other trick, in order to get instant gratification. But then don’t email me about it, because if I dig up your original you will then have the same comment multiple times.

6 Responses to “Update on Commenting Issues”

  1. Z says:

    Hi Bob,

    This is Paul Krugman the Great, professor of everything. I hereby accept your challenge to debate on the greatest issues of the day.



    P.S. .Shout out to my friends Daniel Kuehn and Lord Keynes

    • Z says:

      I don’t think you fixed it Bob. Now you’re just letting too much stuff through. Now even Krugman can comment.

    • Matt M says:

      Do we have any solid proof that Lord Keynes ISN’T Krugman? Have they ever been seen at the same party?

  2. Tel says:

    (C) Try not to use a blank name. I know I do from time to time, especially on the mobile browser where the screen is small. These things happen.

  3. Tel says:

    It used to like my comments, but now doesn’t any more. Not sure what I did wrong.

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