19 Jun 2015

Music City Friends of Liberty Performs “Come Together”

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Not sure if you guys here at the blog know about this, but I’m part of the Music City Friends of Liberty (here’s our Facebook page). Last night we unveiled this ditty at The 5 Spot in Nashville:

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  1. Sealander says:

    Bob: Are you going to PorcFest this year?

  2. Grane Peer says:

    Hey that was alright Bob 3 thumbs up! You do well fronting a band. I especially like you reviving the Rupert Holmes sense of style although I think you could pull-off the Gene Simmons attire with equal elegance. I’m still holding out hope that you will one day do a duet of Islands In The Stream but I get that even the best song ever isn’t for everybody.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Heh keep asking, maybe I will cave…

      • LibertyTorch says:

        I am a hobby singer a lot like you, Bob. I got what they call “karaoke nodules” on my cords, and had to go months with minimal talking to recover – that would be even harder for a professional speaker such as yourself. Sounds like your singing technique is fairly sold, but thought I’d give you a heads up anyhow. If you ever feel hoarse after singing, start worrying. Otherwise, have fun!

        • skylien says:

          You are so right. But this does not only count for singing. It counts for everything. I can tell you that from experience. Playing drums, doing weights, or using keyboard and mouse in the office, and even sitting in an office chair…

          The problem is that doing something with the wrong technique works quite long, until you notice some strange impairments that at some point can no longer be ignored away.. Then it is hard to get rid of that and your wrongly trained techniques that are now nearly hard coded into your brain due to years of doing it that way.

          So my recomendation is: If you do something a lot, then do it right, already right away from the start. Look for the proper technique and people who can tell you that. Waiting until something hurts is not what I would recommend.

          • skylien says:

            Not to forget that using the right techniques should also result in boosting your performance.

  3. David R. Henderson says:


  4. von Pepe says:

    I feel like this is no longer a hobby and you are a full-fledged font man now.

    That was really good.

  5. Andrew_FL says:

    You know, the history behind the song “Come Together” is actually quite amusing. It came about as a result of Timothy Leary asking Lennon to write a song for his campaign for governor of California-“Come Together” actually being Leary’s campaign slogan. Lennon couldn’t come up with anything Leary could actually use, but assuming any of it is still supposed to be about Leary, it’s actually a very unflattering portrait indeed. Evidently Leary may have been too much even for Lennon’s sensibilities.

    Also amusingly, the lyric “he shoot Coca-Cola” got the song banned by the BBC, but not, as you might assume, for a rather obvious drug reference. Nope, they banned it for product placement.

  6. Mike says:

    At first I was thinking oh my gosh what are you doing? Then you started singing. That was awesome. I’d go see you guys play. Maybe a different outfit though. Sorry I meant that in a constructive way. You’re a rock start! Dress the part.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Mike, true story, I wanted the band leader to go shopping with me before the show, but we ran out of time. Plus the audience can only handle so much cool.

      • skylien says:

        Right, thought the same as Mike. Really good.

        I think playing the classics might really suit you. Things like “Riders on the storm” or “All along the watchtower” and if you are ambitious”Child in time”.


    • Grane Peer says:

      Mike, what are you suggesting, an unbuttoned shirt and an ascot or more along the lines of a cucumber wrapped in foil and a cold sore?

  7. martinK says:

    Nice cover!

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